Yes, it is the “right time” to talk about gun control

It’s always the “right time” to have a discussion about one of the most important subjects in US politics — and that doesn’t change after a shooting.

After a recent shooting event in Jacksonville, Florida — the last one to get mainstream coverage outside of the US — the arguments that it is “too soon” to berate the use of guns were as present as ever. It would be disrespectful, apparently, to stop more people dying.

At the time of writing, there has been 9 more mass shootings since, with a combined 7 dead and 40 injured (just in the US).

There has been 250 recorded US mass shooting events in the year of 2018, according to — again, at the time of writing.

With marginally more US mass shootings than days in the year so far, it is supposedly never the “right time” to talk about gun control. I hear this from both Democrats and Republicans, as well as independents, and it always astounds me.

The fact that it’s not even a winning issue for Democrats, and yet they still want to talk about guns, shows that the debate needs to be had. It isn’t doing a disservice to the victims of gun violence, and it isn’t politicising an issue that shouldn’t be politicised. It’s about saving lives.

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