The Iowa Chaos Has Robbed Buttigieg of a Crucial Bounce

But New Hampshire could change all that — and make the obscure former Indiana Mayor the surprise frontrunner for the nomination.

Mayor Pete is the best candidate that the Democrats could choose for their

Presidential nominee. He’s young and vibrant, moderate by perception yet progressive by reality, and has an incredibly experienced and impressive team of advisers.

He would be both the first openly gay President and the youngest person to take the role, taking the record from Theodore Roosevelt, the fourth most popular President of all time, according to a 2007 Rasmussen poll.

According to a YouGov poll from last year, Americans believe that 75 is too old for a President, meaning that Bernie and Biden could both be rather unwise choices in this regard. And, while Elizabeth Warren is making the progressive case that she is, she too is probably unelectable among the wider American public.

As Dylan Matthews suggests in this Vox piece in favour of Pete Buttigieg, Democrats will be made to rue their decision if they pick Warren or Sanders, because their agenda, particularly on healthcare, is likely to progressive to achieve. By contrast, Pete Buttigieg is far more able to break down structural barriers, appear moderate, and work across the isle to achieve his agenda.

This election should be seen in these terms. If we pick Pete, we give ourselves every chance of booting Trump out and then following through on the agenda. If we pick Warren or Sanders, we increase the risk of putting Trump back in the White House and leave the viability of our agenda to chance.

That’s why it’s so crucial that Pete gets the attention he deserves for his brilliant performance in Iowa — and why it’s such a lamentable situation that the focus is almost squarely on the chaos.

He may not have the same sort of support among non-white voters — although this support is likely to dramatically increase as Biden’s campaign falters. Moreover, he certainly wouldn’t have any problems with getting the non-white vote if he becomes the nominee, it’s just the process of getting there that could be bumpy.

A good performance, preferably another win, in New Hampshire could really give Mayor Pete the boost he needs to go on to secure the nomination and win the Presidency back for the Democrats. No other candidate is better placed to win the general election than Pete. He just needs a few lucky breaks and momentum-building wins over the next few weeks to make sure that he is the nominee.

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