My argument was that, due to the immensely complex and often flawed nature of markets, we cannot expect everlasting economic growth, and yet we seem to. We can, of course, be far better at preventing crashes, but we won’t always be able to. Destabilising forces and distracted governments are unavoidable in politics, and thus crises are unavoidable in economics.

I’m aware of Marx and that crises don’t just happen without triggers — preventable triggers. However, it is unrealistic to expect politics will always deal with these for many reasons, so we must learn to accept a fluctuating economy.

Also, I’d personally much rather trust established modern economist s than Marx, whose theories led to the deaths of well over 100 million due to his wild miscalculations and lack of respect for political reality. You seem to believe in an idealistic utopia where bad things don’t happen, and not only would that be an awful world, but it doesn’t and cannot exist — as Marx’s theories proved in practice.

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