Mostly agree, especially with the idea that Brexit doesn’t have any “tangible benefit” — this should be becoming clear to Brexiteers who thought that sovereignty would be fully returned. The negotiations were always set to be a trade-off, and, given a very complex situation in Northern Ireland, it is logistically impossible to fully return sovereignty.

As the UK needs to have some regulatory alignment to maintain the Good Friday Agreement and no hard border, leaving the organisation which currently grants us both a role in decision-making about those regulations was never going to return sovereignty, only compromise it. (If the NI situation wasn’t a factor, I would be much more open to Brexit: sovereignty should be mostly or fully with the country, although collective power is greater than power as an individual country.)

Theresa May is the scapegoat, just as much as the EU. No matter what one thinks of the deal, we must recognise her hard work in spite of the mistakes, or miscues, or poor choices of wording. No PM has ever put more into the job and yet received so much hatred and abuse. It was always going to be an utterly thankless task.

I must differ, though, on the issue of independence. We gave Scotland a referendum, and the idea of independence was rejected. Very, very few nations would be brave enough to do that: just look at Spain with the Catalonian debacle. There is, as a result, no reason to give Scotland another, and any attempt from them to secede would be fully opposed by Westminster, Scottish people, and the international community. It simply won’t happen.

Northern Ireland’s situation may just improve, contrary to the idea of independence. It is unclear what the deal will exactly mean for NI — only time will tell. If it means no divergence from the UK: great, everything stays as it is. If, though, it means a halfway point between the UK and Northern Ireland, then that is probably a better compromise than before. Both sides get a little of what they want, rather than one side getting their way completely.

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