It’s not about what happened in the past with Iceland, it is what has happened since. Read about the situation and the progress they’ve made, how politicians dealt with it, etc, and that becomes clear.

Since 2013, it is likely that the emissions of Norway in particular have come down hugely, due to various government schemes and individual trends.

Canada you’re definitely right about; I’m starting to wonder why I actually included it. (although still far better than the US and emissions are falling, as with most countries)

The other 3 are all quite low for developed countries, and, again, all of the per capita emissions are falling. Switzerland is pretty much the global average, but Denmark’s is lower than many developed nations, and Iceland’s is too. For a nation so far North to be that good is impressive.

I was never trying to say any were perfect, rather that they’re a damn sight better than most other countries. When you look at the countries economically too, the situation becomes much clearer: these are countries with good, sustainable models.

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