I’m not saying that the NHS is a poorer choice than the US’ current system — it is much better — but my argument is that the Bismarck model is far better than it.

The reason I leave out countries such as Canada, Norway, Sweden, etc. is that healthcare systems function differently in countries of different scales. The greater the size and population of a country, the more inefficient the basic single-payer model becomes, and so it would be pointless in what was meant to be a concise article to mention countries even smaller than the UK.

The source mentions a ‘socialised system’ — indicating clearly that it seeks to compare the Bismarck model to the US’ more libertarian system. Therefore, the comparison is to the US’ model, rather than the NHS, and so the comments made must be viewed in that light. It is clear from the annual reports from the Euro Health Consumer Index that the Bismarck model is far superior in terms of efficiency to the NHS and the single-payer model. The linked report, from early 2018, even states that ‘Bismarck Beats Beveridge’ is now a ‘permanent feature’ of the rankings.

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