I’m not blaming all of America’s problems on the EC. You can say that something is flawed without scapegoating it for problems it doesn’t create.

Also, I don’t know of any examples where a candidate that I wouldn’t have supported was disadvantaged. The two readily available examples to me were from 2000 and 2016, which happened to be cases where the candidate I supported were disadvantaged. That, however, is of no material disadvantage to the argument. They’re examples to illustrate a point, not to attack the EC in a partisan manner.

I don’t believe I mentioned Russia or social media in the article, and so I’m not sure what merit there is in raising them as points against my argument.

And fundamentally, in a two horse race for a top job, the most popular should win. There’s no good reason, particularly no good democratic reason, to have a system which distorts votes.

If you aren’t a fan of a direct vote on federalist or other grounds, then you have to look at reforms much more fundamental to the system — massively reducing the power of the President, executive, or federal government as a whole to mitigate the damage to federalism and those in small states.

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