I think you’ve misunderstood the motives of these women. To say they were looking to use their bodies is certainly a possibility, but to proclaim that all of them were like this or even a significant number of them is unfounded entirely.

When one cannot progress without something like this, it doesn’t mean that being involved in an act of abuse is them playing someone. It is them trying to brave something out in order to get past an iron curtain of sorts.

I can’t believe you didn’t even mention that what Weinstein did was wrong. Of course it is — he used his power to abuse. Whether you like that or not, or refute other parts of my argument, that has to be a fundamental point of agreement. To fail to understand that, even if you think the women are equally to blame, is an affront to the very values of modern human society.

Finally, nobody should have to switch career because there are men just waiting to prey on them in their industry. The #MeToo movement caused a lot of harm, but the thing it did well was rid the industry and many other industries of its worst abusers.

I really want to get to the heart of your issues with my argument, but I’ll struggle to do that until we can come to something fundamental we agree on, on which a debate can be built. When no common ground seemingly exists, even between you and me, two obviously sensible and fair people, it is a sad reflection on the sorry state of how polarised and fractured these discussions have become.

Hopefully, in that, we can at least find some agreement — these debates are far too toxic in the mainstream, and need to be brought back to something where we actually respect those with whom we disagree.

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