I don’t agree with everything you’ve said in this article. For one, the police is systemically racist, and I’d argue far too many people in the upper levels of policing want it to be so. And I believe the point about defunding the police is actually about removing some funding and reallocating this funding to other services. The police in America are increasingly called on to deal with mental health situations, for example — these should really be the domain of mental health workers and social workers, rather than men in uniform with guns.

But, though I disagree with many of your more tangential points, the thrust of your argument is not invalid. The BLM movement needs more concrete aims, and its supporters need to organise much better. One of my great frustrations with the movement is that it is not acting as an effective vehicle for change, partly due to its failure to outline radical but pragmatic solutions, both legislative and community-based, to the huge challenge of systemic racism.

I also agree that too many people are shut down and ignored — or met with anger — for their views. Obviously, actual racists and white supremacists should not be given the time of day, and should be dealt with much more harshly where hate crimes and acts of violence are concerned. But on many social media platforms, predominantly centre-left and progressive, non-racists who disagree on some issues with the BLM movement are treated horrifically — partly due to the ideological purity of the actual BLM organisation, which has hijacked the good intentions of the broader movement.

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