I didn’t call UKIP fascists, I called AfD fascists. UKIP aren’t libertarians though, in the last couple of years they’ve become progressively more racist and fascist. They never were libertarians — they wanted Brexit, but had some very centre-left economic policies, as most populists do. The Conservative Party is closest to libertarianism in Britain, and I actually support many of their ideas.

The Brexit Party, by contrast to UKIP, might be a party I mostly disagree with, but they’re not fascist or racist.

I really don’t know how you’ve arrived at the conclusion that I’m communist. I am centre-right and think that communism is equally dangerous as fascism, and I hope that democratic processes should protect from communism.

Politics nerd, policy wonk | Founder, medium.com/politics-fast-and-slow | Editor, politika.org.uk | twitter.com/dave_olsen16 | Policy Paper: https://rb.gy/7coyj

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