I apologise if you felt insulted; that wasn’t my intention.

I agree with your argument that there are other hugely important economic issues to deal with, and that managing broad economic change over the next decades will be vital. You say, though, that there will still be economic crises, and this was the point of the article:

If they will always occur, a key challenge for us is learning to accept that, rather than trying to revive receding economies instantly and making things a lot worse.

I wrote the article (although not explicitly stated) in response to the Theresa May announcing the end of austerity, despite the UK’s budget deficit. I share your broadly libertarian instincts and believe that governments should always aim for budget surpluses as part of a long-term recovery from economic crisis. This allows the economy to stabilise and grow, albeit slowly and safely, rather than the go-for-broke doctrine or Keynesian stimulus economics.

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