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Politics nerd, policy wonk | Founder, | Editor, | | Policy Paper:


  • John Leyden

    John Leyden

    I’m an optimistic human who enjoys writing, adventures, and other optimistic humans.

  • Scott Massey

    Scott Massey

    Founder and CEO of Heliponix© | Purdue University, class of 2017 | Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni

  • Mark Dom

    Mark Dom

  • That Shah

    That Shah

    A young woman with little to say and a lot to write.

  • Harry Sivertsen

    Harry Sivertsen

  • Tom Abeles

    Tom Abeles

  • Kasia Chojecka

    Kasia Chojecka

    Digital policy analyst, PhD candidate, public affairs consultant, new media enthusiast, information collector. Catch me on Twitter.

  • Justin Lawler

    Justin Lawler

    Self-Quantifier, tech-lover and biohacker. Organiser of Dublin Quantified Self. Developer. More at

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