It’s time to pick a side in the Brexit debate. You either support the Liberal Democrats’ “Exit from Brexit” policy, and fully oppose the government, or back the Conservative government in their vision of Brexit. There really is no point going on with the “let’s be in a customs union and the single market” rhetoric, because not only is that a fundamentally flawed idea, but it also shows to Europe that we are a divided nation, which puts them, not us, in a fantastic position to negotiate a deal.

The flaws in the current stance of the Labour party are twofold. First, their party is incredibly divided on Brexit, and, while that is their official line, propagated mainly by the Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, it is not a line that even their leader endorses. Remember, Mr Corbyn believes that the EU is a capitalist plot (or, he did for 90% of his political career), and never fully backed Remain in the 2016 referendum. There is even a rumour that the Leader of the Opposition actually couldn’t bring himself to vote against the prophecies of Jim Callaghan and Harold Wilson, and actually opted to Leave. And it is not just their leader — prominent Brexiteers in the Labour party include John Mann, Frank Field, and Dennis Skinner, and several Labour MPs often vote with the government. But then there’s the other side — Chuka Umunna and David Lammy, for example, who actively campaign with the Lib Dems and back a second referendum and the “Exit from Brexit” promised by the 13-strong party. Labour are just as, if not more so, torn on the EU.

So instead of making a bold decision to go one way or the other, they’ve decided to stay in the middle and sit on the fence, with what I can only characterise as a “Uh, don’t wanna talk about it” Brexit vision. It’s very dangerous for the Opposition to take this stance, and, as such, the message to the party is very clear: either oppose the Government, or back them.

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