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Bad news can be good for you. But the news needs to get more informative, analytical, and investigative — debates and simple presentations are not enough.

Brexit always presented an impossible conundrum for peace in Northern Ireland. Violence has now erupted on the streets.

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Once a member, and now a foe: the UK is locked in a bitter dispute with the EU over vaccine nationalism, procurement, and export bans.

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The UK Parliament has voted to limit the right to protest, criminalise GRT communities, and give an ebullient police force yet more powers.

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Anger about the government limiting the NHS pay rise to 1% is rife. But this row is just the incendiary facade of a much greater problem.

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The Chancellor’s Budget on Wednesday set out a broadly positive economic roadmap for recovery, but many important policies were missing.

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  1. continuing the economic support associated with the lockdown restrictions
  2. supporting the recovery from the pandemic with fiscal stimulus and keeping taxes low
  3. setting out a plan to deal with the debt accrued during the pandemic

Transgender people endure vile attacks, invalidation by trans-exclusionary feminists, and invalidation by the law. It’s time for change.

Kai Medina (Mk170101), CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

And it could be a lot worse than the last one.

The story of American capitalism is of corruption and entrenchment. Robinhood and Wall Street have now taken that to a whole new level.

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The genocide of the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang is a humanitarian atrocity, but too many on the left are turning a blind eye.

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